Welcome to my Bethesda psychotherapy practice, Crane Counseling, LLC

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My practice focuses on teens, adults, parents and couples, LGBT and others struggling with cancer, illness, grief, trauma anxiety, stress, motivation, depression, relationships, academics, career, PTSD symptoms, as well as ADHD.​

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Crane Counseling, LLC

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*NOW OFFERING COVID-19 TELE/AUDIO THERAPY (''Walk' and 'Patio' Psychotherapy too)


My Philosophy

Crane Counseling, LLC psychotherapy practice is based on helping clients to develop healthy relationships, manage emotions, communicate effectively, understand and fulfill individual needs, feel contented, be empowered to tackle life's many challenges - and take pleasure in the joys of life.​

If you are on my couch, chances are you are suffering in some way.  I will work with you to help you develop better coping strategies to more effectively understand and manage your emotions, such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief, and loss, to help you to worry less, communicate effectively with others, and to generally feel more contented with your life. I offer a supportive and warm environment where people from all cultures feel heard and understood as we work together to help you develop healthy coping skills that will allow you to work through life’s challenges.